Mary Margaret Denson has a professional background in sales, marketing, and event management. Based on her personal experiences coping with loss and its aftermath, she is dedicated to supporting those wanting to rebuild their lives with grace, hope and humor through one-on-one mentoring, support groups, workshops and keynote speaking. Mary Margaret is the mother of two adult sons and recently became a grandmother; she currently resides in the Dallas–Ft. Worth Metroplex.

Most of us probably think of trampolines in a positive light, but imagine what it would be like if you were stuck on one and simply couldn’t get off.

That’s the situation Mary Margaret Denson found herself in when, at age forty-eight, her husband of twenty-six years died of kidney cancer. Life on the Trampoline: Going from “We” to “Me” tells how Mary survived her husband’s death and learned to face her own uncertain future with grace, hope and humor, all while bouncing on the proverbial trampoline.

It wasn’t easy. Between her broken heart, two teenage sons to raise and a monumental pile of debt, it took her seven years to come to terms with losing Mark. With poignant stories and a sharp wit, she shares the hard-earned lessons she learned and how she came to understand that no matter how much she bounces or how hard she lands, she will always bounce back up. And so can you!